It's an API service to crawl real-time sales/purchase invoices from NTS, without the access to HomeTax(NTS website). Customers can implement automated system to manage outbound/inbound invoices crawled from NTS and to improve the efficiency of accounting work and data management related to e-Tax invoices.

  • Primary function NTS Data Crawling – sales/purchase invoice
  • HomeTax Authentication Certificate / Department User(POPBiLL exclusive)
  • General
  • Separated network

※ Scrapping means a technology to provide crawled and selected data on web page.

※ The system is separated into internal and external network to prevent data leakage and handle an access control.

Crawling Process

1) RequestJob API : to request for crawl sales/purchase invoice from NTS

※ Prior to the request, HomeTax Authentication(certificate or department user) must be registered in advance.

2) GetJobState API : to check "progress status”(Requested/Waiting/In progress/Completed) and “crawling status”(Succeeded/Failed)". When the return is 'Completed' and 'Succeeded', user can check crawled data.

3) Search/Summary API : to check the detail of crawled data – list info[Search API] or summarized info[Summary API]

POPBiLL NTS Crawling Process

Process of API service introduction

1) Applying for API service: The user applies for API service to get a API Key(SecretKey/LinkID) assigned from POPBiLL.

[Application Short-cut]

2) Implementation and Test: Setup the API Key in SDKs referring to the tutorial. In Testbed, user can implement the integration system and test functions under the same conditions of PROD(live service)

[Reference] Tutorial

POPBiLL Process of API service introduction

Specialities of POPBiLL NTS Crawling API


All functionalities of POPBiLL services are
provided as about 30 APIs


Support all DBMS and OS (provide individual SDKs
+ online manual per service/development language)


Highly secured mutual authentication
system implemented by POPBiLL original technology
(HMAC+Bearer Token+Own method)


Data encryption through all network path


Automated real-time status delivery
using Webhook service


Customizable functions to fulfill user’s
requirement and preference

Business Contact

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T. +82 70-7998-7117E. global@linkhubcorp.com

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